Bookkeeping extension for Joomla!

Full Featured, simple and easy to use.

Secure, private, and simple to use, Joomla Bookkeeping creates a fully featured accounting system in your Joomla! admin area with no technical knowledge needed.

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About Joomla Bookkeeping

Crafted for the Joomla system, by Joomla users

The first and only bookkeeping accounting extension for Joomla, allowing you to run your business accounts through your website administration area. The system is fully featured, and constantly being updated with a huge roadmap ahead.

We never wanted to add our accounting information in to a 3rd party companies website, what happens if they are hacked, who really has access to it, you have no money one month, the data is deleted!

You already have a website, why not use that to store and control your data... only you have access, you can make your own backups, and only you know it is there.

Clean Code

100% open and designed from the ground up for the Joomla system.

100% Private

Only you know it is there, not even we know where it is.


Any Joomla developer can modify this system to suit you personally.


Easily change/edit the invoices, quotes and email templates.

Awesome Features

    100% Private

    Only you have access to your accounts, nobody will see them, as they wont even know they are there.

    Tax System

    Create unlimited tax rates, set them to any value and name them as you like for your own reference.

    Import Bank Statments

    Import in your online bank statements, to add your transactions automatically, we don't need your bank details.

    Unlimited everything

    Unlimited customers, suppliers, transactions, invoices, users, nothing is restricted and never will be.

    Departmental Accounting

    Monitor projects/departments in your business, see what they are costing, making and set targets for each.

    Take Payments Online

    A front end system allows your customers to pay you through your site, updating your accounts instantly.


    Chose from many of our reports, including profit and loss, customer balance, customer activity, or create your own!


    Add in your marketing/advertising campaigns, the system will calculate how much they are making you or costing you.

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