• Oct 28

    Joomla Bookkeeping V3.0.0 New Features

    We have just released 3.0.0 :)

    This version now has massive amounts of bug fixes as well as these new features -

    - Password protection on the this extension.
    This allows you to hide your personal info from other admins in the admin area.

    - Transaction Type import and export to CSV
    So now, we can create sample sets of transaction types, and allow you to download them, also you can create your own and share them on the forums or privately with no worries.

    Please let me know what you think in the forums :)
    All the best

  • Oct 05

    Joomla Bookkeeping V2.0 for Joomla 3.6 released!

    Well there has been a slight hold on the project! Whilst I concentrated on my own business and got it up and running and had a little boy I put the project on hold. But I have now released a version for you with huge amounts of new features, updates, fixes... and plenty more coming... and all working with the latest Joomla 3.6.2 platform :)

  • Jan 17

    Joomla Bookkeeping submitted to JED

    We have submitted Joomla Bookkeeping to the Joomla Extension Directory. We are still waiting for approval, but in the next couple of weeks it will be there for the Joomla community to see and review.

    We wanted to run the project in Beta for a while, which we have done now, to iron out most bugs and issues. We now have no open support queries, and are having about 10-20 signups per day, so thought it was about time for it to be thrown into the community correctly.

  • Jan 15

    Joomla Finance changes name to Joomla Bookkeeping

    We submitted Joomla Finance to JED, but a Joomla extension called "Joomla Finances" has recently been added to JED, and as it is first come, first served, we have been refused. So we have needed to change the extension name to Joomla Bookkeeping. As it happens we think it is for the better, as it makes more sense and most of the Google traffic coming in is from search terms including "Bookkeeping".

    So as of today, Joomla Finance is now known as Joomla Bookkeeping.

  • May 24

    Joomla Finance 1.0.1 update released

    We have just released the first update, 1.0.1, which fixes many bugs found by our users, as well as a few more features and extras added.

    Keep letting us know about any bugs you may have, so we can add them to our todo list.

  • May 20

    Version 1.0.0 released!

    Finally we have a stable version ready. All known bugs and problems have been corrected. The main features are in, many more are coming, but it works correctly and is now a great bookkeeping software.

    Please let us know what you think of it :)