18 April 2017 JBK V3.0.9 New Features




On this release, we have added a handful of new features to try and make your experience a little more easier.

- We have added "Quick Purchase" and Quick Sale".
This means we can now add a receipt or an invoice quickly, without going through the entire procedure. Its not as featured, but is great if you're adding a bus ticket, a packet of pencils... you add the price, the item description and press submit. It adds it in to the system as fully paid and in the system.

- We have added in Order By columns for all parts of the system in this release.

- Fixes for the contact details that are collected from VirtueMart orders, now the mobile number, Fax, and some other fields are now included.

- It sometimes wouldn't auto update the invoice/purchase number, this has been fixed.

- We have moved the add attachment and Items fields in Sales and Purchases, to make it more intuitive.

- There was an error of when you added an Item, it didn't show it correctly until you saved and refreshed the page, this has been corrected.

- There is a now a "Reset System" button, to wipe the system clean and start again.

- We have changed the titles "Method" on Sales and Purchases to "Bank Account" too make it easier to understand.

- There is now a display number of items to show drop down, rather than just showing the default of 20 items.


Please let us know, how this is all working for you guys :)

All the best