07 June 2017 JBK V3.1.0 New Features





With a whole new look and a pile of new features and over a hundred bug fixes, we have released this latest version 3.1.0!

Fully compatible and tested with Joomla 3.7.2 and PHP 7.1

The system now has a dashboard, we have been wanting to add this for a while now, but wanted to concentrate on the main system and get it bug free. Showing at a glance the "Projects" status, top 10 latest invoices and purchases, a description text box and the version details, with if you have the latest version installed or not.

Template Change
We have spent a bit of time cleaning the template up, giving the menu a full change, and the system streamlined. We have corrected all justifications of text.

All the columns are all able to sort by column now, so you can display your data anyway you wish.

Reset Button
You can now reset the entire system with one click in the config area. This allows you to download it, have a good play, and then clear it and start on your accounts with a clean system.

ECommerce VirtueMart import
The system automatically works with VirtueMart, allowing all orders and customer details to come in to the system. We have worked very hard on this part, and spent a lot of time testing and trying this out. With so many configurations virtuemart offers, with different prices etc, this has been one of the most complicated areas. But this appears to be bug free now... eventually!

Quick Purchase/Sales
We have added a quick sale in the sales area and quick purchase in the purchase area at the top. This allows you to add in a simple sale, such as a train ticket or bar meal. It will also add it in as if the transaction has been paid. This should speed up transaction inputting hugely!

Tidied up the invoice/purchase templates
We have moved around items on the forms, to make it much more user friendly and intuitive.

Coming Soon!!!!

More dashboard graphs
We are still developing many parts of this, for example in the next couple of weeks we will release bank account graphs on the dashboard. So you can see at a glance the movement of your balance on each of your accounts. We are also completely revisiting the "Reports" area, making them much more user friendly, and cleaned up. We will also be creating new reports, and don't forget, you can make your own as well!!!

Auto Repeat invoices
We will be updating the auto repeat options, allowing you to manage how invoices can be recreated on the fly for customers that have regular invoices like hosting or services you provide.

Tutorials and training material
I will also be creating lots of tutorials, which I have put off until this version was released, as I know the look would change quite considerably.