14 June 2017 JBK V3.1.1 New Features





With 13 new features and updates, one of the largest set of changes for a long time!

1. Order by columns corrected, they had an issue where they wouldn't order.
2. VirtueMart Mobile and Fax numbers not carried over
3. The VirtueMart cash on delivery and self pick up is missing from the JBK invoice
4. We have created Quick purchase add, so it will add in as paid, and the description will be added as one item and as a specific transaction type to add in easy receipts quickly. As most receipts are very simple bus tickets, meals etc. So we added a few fields. Date Description (which will be made into an item), cost of item, transaction type, and when you press save, it creates the purchase, with the amount showing as paid.
5. Some sites won’t add in auto invoice numbers as support tickets... fixed.
6. In purchases, we swapped the Add item box with Attachment box to make it more user friendly..
7. Moved the “Add a new item to this receipt” button to under the “Items on this invoice”, as we have had many customers, not understand where it is? We also shortened this to “Add new item”, and made it as a button like the other buttons on the page.
8. When you added a new item to sale or purchase, it uses a HTML table that is all squished and messed up. It doesn’t show it as normal again until you save the page and go back in again. This is corrected.
9. Reset system, an option that can reset the entire system back to fresh install was added in the configuration area.
10. Next to the title “Method” on purchases and Sales in payment details, we changed it to Bank, “Bank Account”.
11. On the purchases page, the totals at the bottom were adding up only that page, and not the total number of purchases. it now adds up the total of all purchases.
12. On Purchases and Sales, there was no options to view more than the 20 items. We added in other options.
13. On Sales page, the repeat invoice button was missing language file info. This has been corrected.